Wednesday, January 23, 2019


    In a technology driven world I think most of us are guilty of taking snapshots of everything that happens in our lives, being sure to document every detail meticulously lest we should forget. Every photo of your daughter as she gets older and experiences new people, places and things. Your sons first ever little league soccer game all the way up to his first day of college! Every detail is captured and more than likely locked away on your smart device. 

     How many of those priceless moments don't have you in them or only have your face at that awkward selfie angle? This is one of the reasons we urge our friends and clients to be sure to set time aside to allow a professional photographer to capture you and your family in those milestone moments. A professional will be able to capture each individuals personality on camera as well as the family as a whole!

     A family portrait is so much more than just a picture of your family. It tells a story and captures a memory that will be cherished by you as well as your kids and grand kids in the future. Don't miss all the moments by being behind the camera, reach out to a local professional who would love to create a work of art of you and your family to showcase on your wall.

     Would you go to a dentist to get care for your beloved sick dog? No, you wouldn't so why would you go to a pharmacy for your family portrait prints? Don't settle for a sub par print from the local pharmacy.  This is one thing you should not compromise when it comes to quality. A sub par print from an inkjet printer (this is what the pharmacy will use) will fade in less than 10 years so all those images you had printed from your cell phone will  become unrecognizable in just a few short years. This is one thing that will set your professionally printed portrait apart from the rest; It will stand the test of time. Do you have any portraits of your grandparents hanging in your house? Many can say yes to this because the quality of those portraits was meant to last, just like the quality of professional prints today. 

Make the time to be in the photos and take the care to get a quality portrait taken that your children and eventually grandchildren will inherit some day.

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