Friday, June 20, 2014

Meet Senior Rep Rebecca!

Rebecca is an energetic teen that loves her school and is involved in many extra curricular activities! We had so much fun capturing so many different sides of Rebecca at her session. Look for her at CyFair for a great deal on senior photos!

Name: Rebecca
Sports: Wrestling and Football
College plan to attend: Texas A&M University
My dream career: Forensic Anthropologist for the FBI
Favorite food: anything homemade
Hobbies: scrapbooking, singing, and being with the people I love.
What I'm looking forward to the most senior year: Being at the top of the food chain and being so close to graduating!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Meet Senior Rep Savanna!

Meet our new Senior Rep, Ms. Savanna! She's a beautiful young lady that loves all things fashion. She's fabulous and we're excited to work with her during her senior year! Look out for her at CyFair to get a great deal on your senior photos!

Name: Savanna
School: CyFair
Sports: Track & Field
My Dream Career: Become a Fashion Designer and open stores all over the world
Favorite Food: Anything fruit
Hobbies: Running, Modeling, Traveling, Sewing, Being with friends and family
What I'm Looking Forward To The Most Senior Year: Graduation & Track Season

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Senior Guys! Your photos don't have to be cheesy!

Siobhan Photography Senior Guy on Rustic Truck

We know that every Senior girl in your class is busy prepping outfits, hair, makeup, accessories and more for her Senior photos... and you're not into that. You may not even care to have your senior photos taken. STOP!

This is a special time in your life and you've probably heard it from your mom want to remember this moment! Check out some of our senior guy sessions and understand that we know you want to look tough, you don't want to have the same cheesy photos as your nerdy cousin.

We get it! We'll sit down with you and get to know YOU and YOUR interests and what makes you, you! And don't worry about any acne or other blemishes, we can fix that!   Whether you want to look like a pro NFL player, a GQ cover model, or just your regular self, we can make it happen!

Siobhan Photography Senior Boy

Siobhan Photography Senior HDR Sport Photo

Siobhan Photography Senior HDR Photography

Monday, April 14, 2014

Get free photos by being a Siobhan Senior Rep!!


Then we want YOU! Siobhan Fine Photography is looking for Senior Rep Models for Cypress/Houston area high schools! All you have to do is promote Siobhan Photography to your friends and family!

Siobhan Photography is committed to bringing out the best in YOU! We know you have to take your boring yearbook photos somewhere else, but don’t pass up the opportunity to capture a great memory before you graduate and head off into the world! We don’t pressure you and pose you to be someone you’re not! We want YOU to be happy with YOUR photos by bringing out YOUR personality and interests! We encourage seniors to bring some of their favorite items such as sport jackets, cars/trucks, prom dresses or even your pet! Tell us your vision for what makes you…you! And we’ll photograph it, capture it, and give you something timeless!

  •       A senior session ABSOLUTELY FREE with up to 4 outfit changes!*
  •       TWO mini photo sessions! (each 45 mins long in the Fall & Spring)*
  •       25 custom photo rep cards to pass out to your friends! These will include your name, your photos, and our business information. (we will print you more as needed)
  •       5 images from your senior session to post on your Facebook
  •       Custom timeline photo!
  •       3-5 images from your mini sessions!
  •       Use of 5x7 Senior Brag Book with retouched photos to show off to your friends & promote us!**
  •       A senior rep spotlight on our blog posted in your senior year!
  •       Opportunities to win free print credit with each referral! (see details below)
  •       Free design of high school program ad with referrals! (see details below)

  •       Apply to be a senior rep *by April 30th* and tell us about yourself and your hobbies!
  •       Come in for your FREE senior session by the end of May!
  •       Start promoting Siobhan Photography by showing off your awesome photos!
  •       Hand out your custom rep cards to your friends
  •       Have your friends come in with your rep cards to get a discount
  •       Once they book and complete their session, you get great prizes and print credits!
  •       That’s it!

  •       Must be in the class of 2015
  •       Have great charisma & personality!
  •       Come in for your first senior session by the end of May
  •       Come in for an informational open house to be held on May 10th
  •       Bring friends to your ordering session
  •       Sign a model release form with you and your parent
  •       Use any image from your sessions as your Facebook profile or timeline photo for at least 4 months of your senior year
  •       Pass out rep cards and promotional materials to friends at school
  •       ‘Like’ Siobhan Fine Photography on Facebook
  •       Tag Siobhan during your senior session and promote often
  •       Share your senior rep spotlight blog on your social networks
  •       You may not model for, or represent any other photography studio during your senior year.

When your referrals book a paid session and bring in your rep card you will receive the below mentioned prizes or discounts according to the number of referrals you bring in. Your referrals must present your rep card in order to be eligible. You can also bring in referrals for family sessions. With any prize level, you may choose the prize or print credit.
  •       1-2 referrals = custom cell phone case or $50 print credit for each booked referral
  •       3rd referral = your senior session FREE! You made it! Or $150 print credit
  •       4th referral = 25 custom senior announcements or thank you cards or $200 print credit
  •       5th referral = FREE 5x7 Senior Brag Book
  •       6th referral = 50 wallets with custom wallet box or design for program ad or $300 print credit
  •       7th referral = custom student planner with your photo and college colors/logo! Or $350 print credit
  •       8th referral =  $400 print credit
  •       9th referral = $450 print credit
  •       10th referral =  Free iPad Mini!!!!!! Or $500 print credit


Fill out the 2015 Senior Rep Application and e-mail it to us at or give us a call at 281-807-5282.

*Siobhan Photography Senior Rep Session will include up to 90-min session with up to 4 outfit changes. Taken indoor and outdoor of Siobhan studios. If senior rep fails to refer at least three clients who book a session, the senior rep will be responsible for the cost of any session and product fees. Senior Rep has the option to upgrade to a longer senior session with more outfit changes for an additional cost. Mini Sessions will be 45-min long each with up to 2 outfit changes. These will not be scheduled until the Senior Rep brings in at least three clients who book a session. Siobhan Fine Photography will keep a credit card number on file, which will be charged in the event that the Senior Rep does not refer clients and does not pay the senior session (a $120 value) 

**The 5x7 Senior Brag Book will remain the property of Siobhan Fine Photography until it is earned through your booked referrals or until you purchase it. The book should remain in good condition (no tears, folds, or stains, etc.) and returned at the end of the program if it has not been earned or purchased. Siobhan Fine Photography will keep a credit card number on file, which will be charged in the event that the image book is either not returned or returned damaged.