Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Living with purpose

Every time we thin we have it all figured out, we quickly realize how far from the truth we are. We find our strength through our faith, without which we would be so desperately lost.

We all make countless decisions throughout our lives expecting one thing, only to be bombarded by the reality of a different outcome. It's important to realize in those times that our choices are just that, our choices. When we allow God to take over and do the thinking, it's like picking up all the pieces of our broken mistakes. It takes a long time sometimes to find all of the pieces and often times it may start to feel hopeless when that one piece is nowhere to be found but when we stop worrying about why we can't find it, an it give it over to HIM, it somehow miraculously manifests in a way we could never have anticipated.

Life is full of ups and downs, laughter and tears, and people will hurt you and be hurt by you in return; Such is life. The journey to get to where we are going is the absolute best part of this adventure. If we never take pause to reflect on our decisions and to consider our purpose then we will never be able to enjoy the ride.

Its a challenge to understand the thought process of the majority because as an artist, our brains are hard wired completely differently and our neural pathways may meander around a little while longer and intertwine to create a thorn bush of thoughts that can only be expressed in the form of something beautiful and artistic. Some people turn away from or cannot comprehend and much less appreciate the artistic mind but we maintain faith that our art serves a purpose in this world. Even if it is something as small and stirring an emotion within the viewer, giving a kind word of encouragement during a photo shoot or being able to capture a bride feeling her absolute best, on her most important day. Our purpose often times, is nothing like what we thought it would be and yet we are able to find peace in that... somehow. We find joy in every single day because we never live without purpose, we never shoot without purpose.

What will your purpose be?