Tuesday, March 31, 2015

      In general American culture, there is no celebration to signify the transition from childhood to being an adult.  The closest thing we have to a moment that defines that transition is the passage from high school into the adult world.  With senior portrait, we are able to essentially stop time.  We can preserve that moment in someone’s life as they are, and also present them to the world for the first time as an adult.  This transition into adulthood is a milestone occasion, one which is unlikely to be rivaled in terms of photography, with the only exception typically being a person’s wedding day.   We want to help each senior capture who they are and really make the portraits represent the subject.  To preserve each one just as uniquely beautiful as they are.  Celebrate this major turning point and look forward to future with joy and wonder.

We are looking for upcoming seniors (class of 2016) who aren't afraid to show their fellow students who they are ad what makes them unique.  We need people of all types, and want to hear from all of you.   Make your mark and share your beautiful photos and you could earn discounts, freebies and even win a $1,000 scholarship.  For details and to apply, go to our website at http://www.siobhanseniors.com/faces .

Friday, March 27, 2015

Have Some Fun With Team Sports Photography

Photographers are often tempted to go the traditional route with team sports photography.  We have gotten into a habit of posing and editing in ways that are “safe” and admittedly boring.  Sometimes you have to push yourself to break out of the box that you’re used to and do something a little different in order to really do justice to the team you’re working with.  Capturing a little personality is crucial to your work, and even more so when working with a younger audience.  

 Instead of lining everyone up in rows with hands behind their backs and smiles on their faces, mix it up a little bit.  Try changing up the way team members are standing, the way you stack them and the expressions on their faces.   If you’re unsure if the group you’re photographing will be receptive to a newer style, ASK.  It has been our experience that most teams and coaches alike have been waiting desperately for something different.  They really love being able to show who they are in their photos.  We do a standard group shot, but also one with a little more attitude.  Take the photos below for example.  You will never see a real softball player in a clean pressed white uniform.  These girls work hard and get dirty.  They have earned the grass stains and dirt, and they want that toughness and hard work to show in their photographs. 

  When it comes to editing and correction of the photos, try something a little different and more modern there too.  Play with your saturation and settings to give that dramatic feel.  A few minutes of editing can really give your work some impact.  The same goes for the individual photos.  These girls were so happy to finally have something besides the same old traditional photos because they didn’t represent them at all. We even decided to take a few “silly” photos at the end of the session to really have fun with it, which we later put up on Facebook for the girls to have and share.  We had a great time and so did the team, and all of the photos came out beautifully.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Class of 2016 - We are searching for the Faces of Siobhan!

Our portrait studio is seeking strong personalities - characters of all types to represent us and to inspire your fellow seniors in the Cypress/ Houston area.  We are not just looking for models, but a variety of faces; real people who are willing to let the world see what they’re made of and want to share their experience with others.

Why do we want to photograph seniors, and what’s so special about Siobhan Photography?  We understand that your senior year is a major turning point in your life.  You may or may not know exactly where you’re headed, and that’s ok!  You might move away or stay local, but your roots have given you the strength of character to enter the future with confidence and pride.  We want to capture the essence of who you are now because we believe in the beauty and power that’s found in the depth of personality. 

Seniors who are chosen to lead the way as The Faces of Siobhan will let their light shine for the world to see.  If selected, you will be featured in a variety of studio promotions  and will receive discounted sitting fees,  digital copies of select poses for use on social media, and a variety of other incentives.  Discounts and incentives increase with every senior you refer who books a portrait session with us.  One deserving senior chosen from all of the 2016 seniors photographed by our studio will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship to the school of his or her choice.

If you think you have what it takes to motivate your class and a desire to share your story, go to http://www.siobhanseniors.com/faces for details and instructions on how to apply.  Our senior open house will be held at the studio Sunday April 26th from 12-4 pm.  Come in to have a snack, take a look around and discuss the senior portrait process. Like us on Facebook @siobhanphotography and follow us on Instagram @siobhanseniors to follow our search for senior faces or just see what’s new with the studio.